District Director – Patti Thor

Program Quality Director – Bob Johnson

Club Growth Director – John Sinclair

Finance Manager – Chris Sokolowski

Division A Director – Marci Antion

Division B Director – Jing Humphreys

Division C Director – Carol Snyder

Division D Director – Stephanie Scott


Patti Thor

Patti Thor

Nominee for District Director

Thank you for considering me for the role of 2020-21 District 13 Director. And thank you to each of you who have helped yourself, your club and our district to grow.

If you read my previous email, you’ll know that prior to joining Toastmasters, I decided that part of my mission in life was to help people overcome fear. As I spent more time in Toastmasters, I realized that my own fear was subsiding, and my confidence and poise were growing. I saw the same happening in every guest and member who applied themselves to the Toastmasters program.

By stepping into district leadership, I realized that I could help people in other clubs. By building new clubs, we can help even more people in our geographic area to curtail their fear and grow in confidence and poise. This is a time in our world when we need fear-less capable leaders. Are you ready to join me in bringing the Toastmasters communication and leadership development program to more people by building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence?

If so, please vote Patti Thor, DTM for 2020-21 District 13 Director on April 18th at the District Council meeting. (See email for Zoom sign-in details.)

For more information on how you can help now, please email Patti Thor at PQD@d13tm.com, Subject: D13 Roles.


Patti Thor

Bob Johnson

Nominee for Program Quality Director

My personal mission is to inspire others to be the best that they can be.  I define myself as a sustaining resource.  Others reach out to me on a regular basis when seeking advice, searching for answers, and looking for guidance.  I embrace these opportunities to teach, guide, and learn.  I believe that true leadership allows us to continuously learn while serving others.

While being humble and giving credit where credit is due, I lead with confidence and vision.  I am accountable for my actions and take ownership for my mistakes.  I make decisions based on what is best for the team, while taking the time to understand everyone’s point of view concerning the task at hand.  Throughout years of competing in athletics and coaching, I acquired and passed on many valuable life lessons.  Those learning and teaching moments helped mold me into a true mentor to my teams.  I approach new challenges with commitment and passion.  I have a strong desire to win but do so with humility.  I also learned the value in analyzing a loss and learning from that experience.  My biggest challenge as a leader is delegation, which puts empowerment at the top of my list of techniques to improve.  Focusing on this growth area allows me to continue to be transparent and improve my communication skills.

Toastmasters has taught me many leadership techniques.  In addition, it has provided me with an abundance of learning experiences.  As I look forward to the role of Program Quality Director for District 13, I cannot envision a better opportunity to learn.  Being responsible for education and training within District 13 aligns perfectly with my personal mission of inspiring others.  I can be a sustaining resource to District 13 while supporting and promoting quality clubs across the District.

I look forward to working with our team to support the District Mission and Values, while enriching and promoting quality clubs across the District.  I eagerly await the opportunity to inspire all of you to be the best that you can be.  Most importantly, I cannot wait to learn from each of you!


Patti Thor

Jackey Collier

Nominee for Club Growth Director

Thank you for considering me for the role of Club Growth Director for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year.

We are living in unprecedented times, which requires unprecedented leadership, vision and focus. My personal mission is: “To Build Teams and Collaborations, While Inspiring Others to Reach Their Goals, Fulfill Their Purpose and Build Their Legacy, by Tapping into Their Individual Uniqueness.” As the 2018-2019 Division D Director, I applied my mission to Toastmasters by focusing on the individual uniqueness of each Area Director, fostering their growth as they accomplished their goals. Together as a team, we earned President Distinguished Division.

The Club Growth Director is responsible for Marketing; Club Building and Member and Club Retention. My plan is to:

  • Recruit, train and supervise a strong Club Building Team;
  • Expand the vision of Toastmasters by starting new clubs;
  • Empower motivated Toastmasters to be Coaches, Sponsors and Mentors and
  • Provide targeted resources to underperforming clubs.

In my 15 years of being a Toastmaster, I have been a member of seven clubs; held an officer role, as President, Vice-President of Education or Secretary, in three of the clubs; served as an Area Governor and earned the District 13 2018-2019Division Director of the Year Award. Currently, I am the President of Dawn Patrol and H.E.L.P.S. on Smithfield and the District 13 Assistant Program Quality Director.

I understand the dedication required to build a new club. When I served as the 2018-2019 Division D Director, I helped start five New Toastmasters Clubs in Division D and over my Toastmasters career, I have personally sponsored three new clubs. Additionally, I successfully Coached Toastmasters in the Tower, from being a struggling club to being President’s Distinguished.

My knowledge, expertise and passion are what distinguishes me and qualifies me to serve District 13 as the Club Growth Director. Please vote for me, Jackey Collier, DTM for 2020-2021 Club Growth Director on April 18th at the District Council Meeting Your vote will allow me to continue to serve you, District 13 and my Fellow Toastmasters in the coming year. Furthermore, I am not only asking for your vote, I am asking you to partner with me in strengthening our existing clubs, building new clubs and making District 13 the best it can be.

Patti Thor

John Sinclair

Nominee for Club Growth Director

Dear District 13 Toastmaster. Allow me to introduce myself and tell you why I am uniquely qualified to be your next Club Growth Director.

I am a retired information technology professional with over 42 years of professional experience focusing on governance, process and project value. One, that means I have the time to do the job. Because … I am retired! And two, I bring critical thinking to the position that requires creativity and ‘blue sky’ thinking.

My Toastmasters journey began in 2004 as a member of the NYC Metropolitan Club in District 46, and I have served in every club office, been three times an Area Director and twice a Division Director. I currently serve as Division A Director and Club Retention Chair for our district.

My passion for Toastmasters since joining in 2004 has been to get more young people involved in communication and leadership skills development earlier than they typically would. Their personal lives need it. Their companies need it. And, Toastmasters needs it. Without ignoring existing clubs and growing Toastmasters individuals, I plan to address those challenges by kindling interest in Toastmasters through the community-based and youth programs Toastmasters has to offer. This will keep us from becoming stale. New ideas. More creative energy to lift the organization to greater heights.

The steps I will take to achieve the goals above are rooted in how I am wired personally and the 42 years I have spent in the information technology industry.

One, I always begin with the end in mind. The end needs a plan that is adjustable pending risks and opportunities that arise. Two, I always look for a process. In absence of a process, I will create one. Three, I will overcommunicate. 90% of solid project management – and all management and leadership, really, is communication. When I think that all information, tasks and assignments have been communicated, I will communicate again. Four, and this is the most important. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

Toastmasters provides very good tools to measure member, club, area, district, region, and international progress. The Moments of Truth don’t get talk about as much as they should. Under me, they will. The Distinguished Club Program and its dashboard are fantastic optics to show how each level in Toastmasters is performing. Every member should know how to access the dashboard and use the data in it. And I will ensure this.

Of course, any leader would be remiss if they’d ignore the human element. And this is where coaching is so important. The personal and professional health of our members is paramount.

I will ensure that every coach gets the support and guidance required to be outstanding. Their clubs, in return, will be outstanding.

Success is not what I alone will do, but what we together will inspire others to do. Together, we can provide major support to the future generations of leaders.

I am asking your support to be your next Club Growth Director.

I look forward to working with our team to support the District Mission and Values, while enriching and promoting quality clubs across the District.  I eagerly await the opportunity to inspire all of you to be the best that you can be.  Most importantly, I cannot wait to learn from each of you!


Patti Thor

Brandie Baughman

Nominee for Finance Manager

Patti Thor

Chris Sokolowski

Nominee for Finance Manager

Thank you for considering reelecting me to the position of District 13 Finance Manager. If elected, I hope to continue to build upon the success of the 2019-2020 year.

The position of Finance Manager requires a significant amount of training on Toastmasters accounting practices, such as how district budgets are created and reconciled. Sage’s Intacct and SAP’s Concur software, which the district uses to process and manage expenses and reimbursements, have steep learning curves. It required several months to get acquainted with Toastmasters’ multiple accounting systems. Unlike other district leaders limited to a single term such as the Club Growth Director and the Program Quality Director, the Finance Manager may serve for two years. While I believe that there are many Toastmasters, including my opponent, would be excellent Finance Managers, District 13 should take advantage of this opportunity to avoid the complex training process and instead spend the time improving the District.

One of my goals as Finance Manager has been to reduce unnecessary district expenses by adhering to Toastmasters guidelines, particularly in the area of travel. Unfortunately, in 2019, I have had to decline several expense reports that were not pre-authorized, but did so to ensure that all expenses were in the best interest of the District’s mission.

I have been a member of Nittany Toastmasters since 2013, and serve as the club’s Treasurer. Our club receives payment for many members from Penn State, so I often work with Penn State’s financial officers to receive payments, in addition to receiving checks from community members. Our club’s successful money management has left it with a large surplus in its account, which allows us to hold regular club events that draw members from across the community.

Outside of Toastmasters, I am the majority shareholder and CEO of a cryptocurrency mining pool, Prohashing (https://prohashing.com.) The business posts $30m in revenue, and I employ four software engineers. I am responsible to ensure that payouts are accomplished in an accurate and timely fashion, and I have paid $80 million to customers, employees, and vendors over the lifetime of the business. I negotiate with companies such as Comcast on a regular basis, having reduced our cost of Internet service from $4300 to $3500 per month. Cryptocurrency mining is dominated by businesses that charge hidden fees and engage in dishonest practices. I have taken the business down a different path. While we must charge higher fees than those companies, we have loyal customers because we are viewed as honest and transparent.

In conclusion, I ask for your vote to continue as Finance Manager so that I can use my existing experience to forego training during a time when it will not be possible to meet in person. I look forward to the opportunity to safeguard the District’s funds during a time of reduced revenue and expenses. By working with the District Director, I hope to be able to leave my successor in a strong position for when in-person events resume so that we can grow our clubs and fund spectacular conferences.


Patti Thor

Marci Antion

Nominee for Division A Director

I am humbled and honored to be a nominated as a candidate for the 2020-2021 Division A Director of District 13 Toastmasters.

I joined Toastmasters in 2015.  I have served my home Club, South Hills Toastmasters, as Secretary (2015-2016), President (2017-2018), and VP of Education (2016-2017, 2018-present).  I served as a Pathways Guide (2017-2018) and remained on the Pathways Help Team (2018- )for District 13.  I am presently the Area  4 Director (2019-2020) for District 13.

My vision is a simple one for Division A: I wish to bring the best possible experience to every single Toastmaster enrolled in a club in Division A.  Every Toastmaster deserves to have a quality experience.  Every member deserves a club to call home, a place to be mentored, and an opportunity to experience personal growth.  My personal mission is to empower every club to provide this experience.  I look forward to working with all the leaders within Division A and District 13 to create the best Toastmaster experience possible.  I am excited to visit our clubs, to coordinate officer trainings, speech contests, and events. I wish to bring the best of our community of leaders and speakers to every Toastmaster.  Thank you for considering my candidacy for Division A Director of District 13.

Patti Thor

Jing Humphreys

Nominee for Division B Director

I first heard about Toastmasters in spring 1993 and joined in the fall of that year.  I have been a member of the Earlybirds Club ever since.

Over the past 27 years as a Toastmaster, I have achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster designation, been a member of 4 Clubs, served as a Club Officer (held all 7 offices), Club Coach, Club Sponsor and Mentor, Area 4 Governor, Division B Governor, Lt. Governor of Marketing and Membership, Lt. Governor of Education and Training, and District Governor in 2001-02.  I took a 10-year break from District leadership roles to spend time with family and my local Club, while continuing to serve in various capacities as TLI Chair, Conference Chair, District Realignment Chair and other support and mentoring roles within our District.  In the past few years, I served the District as TLI trainer, Learning Master, Chief Pathways Guide, and Leadership Committee Chair.  I currently serve Toastmasters International as a contributing member of the Change Management Work Group.

Toastmasters changed my life and since becoming a member I have been promoted 7 times within my company.  I am a living embodiment of the motto “where leaders are made”.  I want to share my experiences with you and support you on your own personal Toastmasters journey.

Many things have changed in Toastmasters since I first served as a District leader.  Our educational program is now delivered online through Pathways, and most of our communications, training and Club meetings in the current global health crisis, are held online.  Over the years there were changes to the Educational materials, program, Distinguished Club criteria and Leadership roles.  Through it all, the program has evolved to increase member engagement and experience and to keep up with and adapt to the needs of the globally changing climate.

Change is inevitable.  It is also a great opportunity to lead and serve.  My work experience in Six Sigma methodology, Project Management, Change Management, Regulatory Auditing and Preventive Controls are attributes that will serve me well to support the members and Clubs in our District.

As a leader, I have vision, integrity, dedication, focus, the motivation to succeed and promote leadership by example. I have hands-on experience with planning policies and procedures, budgeting, financial management, troubleshooting, project implementation and personnel training.

I am your candidate for the office of Division B Director for 2020-21.  I sincerely ask for your vote at the upcoming online District Council Meeting on Saturday, April 18, 2020. I look forward to serving you in the coming year.

Patti Thor

Carol Snyder

Nominee for Division C Director

Patti Thor

Stephanie Scott

Nominee for Division D Director