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Nominated Candidates

District Leadership Committee Report

Based upon our review, the DLC makes the following recommendations for the elected District Officer roles for the 2023-2024 Toastmaster year:

Nominee for

District Director

Jing Humphreys

Jing Humphreys, DTM

Fellow District 13 members and friends,

It will be an honor and privilege to serve you!

I joined Toastmasters to gain confidence in public speaking and meeting management. I found myself enthusiastically accepting various Club Officer, Area, Division, and District Trio roles. 30 years later, I stay because I want to continue sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. Online and hybrid Club meetings are changing the way our members interact, and I see this as an exciting opportunity for our District to learn and grow.

I lead with focus, inspiration, and intention. One of my favorite quotes is “Bloom where you are planted.” In other words, be content where you are in life and make the most out of your situation. Where are we today? Where will this experience take us? How will we overcome obstacles? What success awaits us? 

As your Director, I will hold myself responsible and accountable for any task—big or small—that comes with the role. A District is best run with members supporting, collaborating, and combining efforts toward a common goal. I look forward to listening to your ideas and concerns. Together, we will plan, execute, and celebrate success in the 2023-24 program year!

Nominee for

Program Quality Director

Adie Kurtanich, CGD

Adie Kurtanich, DL5, EH3, TC2

Throughout the past year as Club Growth Director, I have taken a particular interest in program quality and understanding its impact on District 13. Part of our District 13 mission is that we will support all clubs in achieving excellence. Supporting our clubs includes providing them with quality programs and training. Clubs require a different level of program support in these times, as we now have virtual, in-person, and hybrid clubs. Each type of club has a different set of needs that must be addressed so each and every club has the ability to deliver a quality club and program experience. We must evolve our programs to address these needs. All members, clubs, their experiences, and their trainings come together to complete the dynamic and energetic District 13! I will continue to drive a positive experience within our district! Thank you for giving me the honor of being a leader at the Club, Area, and District levels. I am excited to have the opportunity to be elected Program Quality Director and look forward to the ever-evolving world of opportunities for us to share within our clubs and District 13. I ask for your vote at the upcoming District Council meeting.

Nominees for

Club Growth Director

Brandie Baughman, DTM

Brandie Baughman, DTM


My mission as a leader is to bring out the best in those around me. I believe that a team is only as strong as its weakest member, and aspire to be a source of support, inspiration, and guidance for my team.

A long-time member of Toastmasters who has filled many leadership roles at the Club and District level, as well as professionally, I feel I can provide District 13 with true servant leadership as the Club Growth Director. I am an accountable, confident, and strategic leader who believes in considering multiple points of view when making decisions. Ultimately, my decisions are driven by benefits to the greater group, while maintaining inclusion for all those impacted.

My varied experiences within Toastmasters, professionally, and personally have prepared me to serve as both student and mentor. I feel this unique background would align with my top goals as the CGD:

  • Strengthen membership base in existing clubs, including assisting clubs to build membership to levels which would allow them to participate in the DCP.
  • Improve documentation to allow for smoother transitions year over year.
  • Increase member participation in District 13 activities.

I appreciate the opportunity to continue serving District 13.

Carly Chiavaroli Photo

Carly Chiavaroli, PM2

Building Strong Together

Hello District 13, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself as nominee for Club Growth Director.

My vision for the District is that of growth and sustainment of our clubs, and clubs yet to be founded. To achieve this I offer a plan that takes club building cues from the construction process of a masonry arch, composed of many blocks yet held together at its apex by a keystone. My aim is to make us a District of Builders, and thereby by achieve and apply the District mission we all share and aspire to. If I am fortunate enough to be elected to this position I look forward to collaborating at all levels, from District Leadership to individual Toastmaster club members. 

Toastmasters has given me many gifts in the time since I joined at the insistence of a co-worker. Numerous opportunities to step outside my comfort zone, invaluable personal growth, opportunities lead and to learn, and a community of truly wonderful people I would be honored and humbled to serve.

Fred Vornbrock_ head shot

Fred Vornbrock, DTM

What do Tim Allen, Mrs. Debbi Fields, Dr. Spock, Peter Coors, and Chris Matthews all have in common? They were Toastmasters. They joined Toastmasters to improve their speaking ability, overcome their fear of speaking in public, and boost their self-confidence. They all had amazing transformations, partly because they belonged to caring and impactful local Toastmasters clubs.

As Club Growth Director, I will assist struggling clubs in regaining the momentum they need to help their members achieve the goals they sought when they first joined.

Specifically, I will assist clubs in three different ways. First, I will help clubs see the endless potential of Pathways to help members address real-life problems they face at work and at home. How? By sharing examples of other members who applied the concepts and tenets of Pathways projects to issues they were facing. Second, I will train clubs to use the Toastmasters Speechcraft program to recruit and onboard new members. Third, I will help club officers obtain the toolsets they need to lead their clubs to a successful year. Just as the celebrities had supportive clubs to help them achieve the seemingly impossible, we can, too. Let’s make 2023—2024 the best Toastmasters Year possible.

Nominee for

Finance Manager

Andrew Perpich Photo

Andrew Perpich, IP1

Within Toastmasters I believe that my purpose is to be of service not only to the organization but to its members and contribute as much as I can through a transfer of knowledge to my fellow Toastmasters or by being able to function as what some may call a ‘ utility player’ role, someone who willingly helps where and when there is a need. The opportunity to serve as the District Finance Manager will allow me to utilize my real-life experiences as a small business owner, as well as a Project Manager, and apply those unique skillsets and knowledge to benefit the District and its members within a leadership role. I look forward to working with our Leadership team so that we can be of service to each of our Members in the upcoming year.

Nominee for

Division A Director

Dana Mitnik

Dana Mitnik, DTM

I am a 13-year member of Toastmasters International who previously served as the Division C Director in the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year. I challenged the leadership team to demonstrate the winning formula: I+R+S+E=A. This consists of Toastmasters Shared Values of Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence. Demonstrating these together results in Achievement, which is what Division C did exactly during my administration. Yet, it was not just me. It was my team of Area Directors and the 295 members at that time who individually and collectively achieved goals, culminating with Distinguished Division honors.

The way I see it, Division A stands to benefit from the fundamental approach. My previous experiences in coaching and encouragement can best serve Division A and District 13 to make the most of such because the member is the most important part of Toastmasters. That member has the option to fire every one in Toastmasters by not continuing on in one’s journey. Because members matters most, the winning formula is a must. I would be both humbled and honored if elected to serve once again as the Division A Director for 2023-2024.

Nominee for

Division B Director

Treshok Headshot

Cassie Treshok Lebovitz, DTM

Hard-working, supportive, collaborative My personal mission daily is to put forth my best effort in whatever task I’m completing while also collaborating and supporting others to be the best they can be too. I truly believe in the saying “how you do anything is how you do everything.” I am a strong believer in the value of diversity and bringing everyone to the table. Working together as a team with unique perspectives is the best way to accomplish any goal and ensure long term success.

Toastmasters has greatly built my confidence and has taught me many leadership techniques. I have learned to not be afraid of sharing my thoughts and to truly listen to others’ perspectives as well. I have also become a much more confident and assertive speaker which has served me well professionally and personally. I look forward to continuing to grow as a leader within Toastmasters by serving as Division B Director for the 2023-2024 year. I am excited to work with a team of others within my Division and the broader District to truly support all clubs and members in achieving excellence and stretching ourselves to be the best we can be!

Nominee for

Division C Director

ME Vornbrock.

MaryEllen Vornbrock

How do we move Toastmasters and District 13 forward? Vision and hard work. The vision to energize existing clubs while working with our members on their personal journeys to fulfill both their personal and professional goals. The vision to re-awaken old clubs and start new clubs. Working to enroll new and old members in Pathways and providing these members of the Toastmasters Team the paths to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Division leadership is crucial to the areas and clubs; we must provide the guidance and support necessary to revitalize our clubs and members. Working closely with area directors and club presidents by offering coaching and mentoring will provide the support needed to accomplish district goals.

Using social media tools to reach former Toastmasters as well as new members will require all of us to learn or expand our current skills. Leveraging Pathways to allow all members to achieve their personal and professional goals, and not just the “I need it for a DTM” will take a fresh vision of Pathways.

Can we do this? Yes, We Can! But all of us need to be committed and engaged. Everyone working together will accomplish these goals and much, much more.

Nominee for

Division D Director

Kathy Wolf Photo

Kathy Wolf, DTM

Helping others succeed is an integral part of leadership. I am currently serving as an Area Director, focused on helping my area clubs succeed. As Division D Director, I will strive to empower next year’s Area Directors as they grow their leadership skills. Together we will help our club members reach their goals by supporting the clubs in Division D, working closely with the District Leadership team, and building future leaders.