District Leadership

Patti Thor, DTM
Patti Thor, DTMDistrict Director
Office Hours
Patti’s Zoom Link
1st Tuesday 11am-1pm
3rd Friday 5pm-7pm
Bob Johnson, DTM
Bob Johnson, DTMProgram Quality Director
Office Hours
Bob’s Zoom Link
2nd and 4th Monday, 6pm-8pm
John Sinclair, DTM
John Sinclair, DTMClub Growth Director
Office Hours
John’s Zoom Link
1st and 3rd Monday, 10am-12noon
Denise Etter, DTM
Denise Etter, DTMImmediate Past District Director
Jackey Collier, DTM
Jackey Collier, DTMPublic Relations Manager
Chris Sokolowski
Chris SokolowskiFinance Manager
Michelle Teague
Michelle TeagueAdministration Manager
Steve Sokolowski
Steve SokolowskiLogistics Manager
Jim Hulings
Jim HulingsParliamentarian

Division Directors

Marci Antion
Marci AntionDivision A Director
Jing Humphreys, DTM
Jing Humphreys, DTMDivision B Director
Carol Snyder, DTM
Carol Snyder, DTMDivision C Director
Stephanie Scott, DTM
Stephanie Scott, DTMDivision D Director

Area Directors


Connie Anderson
Connie AndersonArea 1 Director
Julia Wick
Julia WickArea 2 Director
Ranga Babu Bonthu
Ranga Babu BonthuArea 3 Director
Dominic Gray
Dominic GrayArea 4 Director
Laurie Johnson
Laurie JohnsonArea 5 Director


Gabriele McLaren
Gabriele McLarenArea 11 Director
Chad Hudson
Chad HudsonArea 12 Director
Fred Vornbrock, DTM
Fred Vornbrock, DTMArea 13 Director
Kim Santillo
Kim SantilloArea 14 Director
Mukesh Shrivastva
Mukesh ShrivastvaArea 15 Director


Cory Straub
Cory StraubArea 21 Director
Jungwoo Ryoo
Jungwoo RyooArea 22 Director
Emily Harris
Emily HarrisArea 23 Director
Nick Cecchetti
Nick CecchettiArea 24 Director


Eric Schramm
Eric SchrammArea 31 Director
Susan Guerrieri
Susan GuerrieriArea 32 Director
Cassie Treshok
Cassie TreshokArea 33 Director
Isabelle Billig
Isabelle BilligArea 34 Director
Elizabeth Carter, DTM
Elizabeth Carter, DTMArea 35 Director