2023 – 2024

You can join our “Theory of One Star” Awardees by STarting and completing a new level; Achieving a second level; and Recruiting a new member in the same membership year.

Priyang Anadarajan, DTM
Priyang Anadarajan, DTMMS4, MS5 - Dionne Marsh
Marci Antion, EH3
Marci Antion, EH3EH2, EH3 - Janelle Hancher
Jack Burt, PM3
Jack Burt, PM3PM2, PM3 - Nick Miller
Colleen Bynum, DL5
Colleen Bynum, DL5DL4, DL5 - Gloria Easley
Jing Humphreys, DTM
Jing Humphreys, DTMIP2, SR4 - Larry Strobel
Jim Kinneer, PM5, VC4
Jim Kinneer, PM5, VC4VC3, VC4 - Preston Hall
Cameron Suorsa, VC5, IP3, MS1
Cameron Suorsa, VC5, IP3, MS1IP2, IP3 - Delonda Ward
Patti Thor, DTM
Patti Thor, DTMPM4, PM5 - Kaiden M. Halloran
Anthony Utnik, DTM
Anthony Utnik, DTMTC4, TC5 - Jeremy Winkelman
Robert Humphreys, DTM
Robert Humphreys, DTMVC4, VC5 - Jonathan Koebler