New! BONUS Leadership Training Pt 1

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New! Ideas for Toastmasters Corporate Programs

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New! Travel the World via Toastmasters Club Hopping.

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President’s Agenda

The President’s Agenda is a key instrument to train your club members to always invite guests. If each member invites at least one person per meeting and averages six guests per year, that should bring in one to four new members for each current member. Imagine training every member to invite guests – you will never have a membership problem again.

Presidents or SAAs (whoever opens the meeting) should print a copy of the agenda to follow each week and put your notes on it. Better yet, laminate a copy and use white board markers to make notes.

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40 Guests in Four Minutes

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Toastmasters International Business Meeting Proxy Instructions

Click here to access instructions for assigning your club’s proxy for the International business meeting. The club president or secretary make the assignment.


Toastmasters has a plethora of resources for your online meetings.  Click here to see all of the resources.

Open House Resources for Clubs

How to Host an Open House in the Midst of a Pandemic

Does your club need more members? Want to hold an Open House but not sure how to do it online? Click here to view a short presentation by Sharel O’Connell followed by a Q&A session with lots of great ideas. Password is H0stInP@ndemic (the second digit of password is a zero).

Club Officer Elections using Zoom Polling

Click on Zoom Polling Procedures for Officer elections.

Click on Quick Guide (screenshots) for using Zoom Polling for officer elections.