Welcome to the District 13 Mentoring page! Below you will find information about how to set up your club’s mentoring program. The Pathways Mentor Program information is directly below it.


  • Executing the Program – This document details the formation of a club mentoring program and the formation of a Mentoring Committee.
  • Mentoring Relationship for a New Member – Learn key insights and guidelines for your important role as a Mentor.
  • Mentor Survey – This survey is used to evaluate the strength of the club’s mentoring program.
  • Mentee Survey – This survey is used to gain impressions, from the mentee’s perspective, about the club’s mentoring program.

New Member Assignment Packet – This series of documents provide the key information that mentors will need to work with a new member mentee, as well as an experienced club member mentee.


The Pathways Mentor Program gives members the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills as a mentor. After fulfilling the requirements of the program, the member receives the Pathways Mentor Designation.

The program consists of:

  • a collection of four mandatory projects on mentoring
  • completion of a full path in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience
  • being a member of Toastmasters in good standing for at least six months

Start your mentoring program with “Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring,” a Level 2 project that all members must complete. Once you’ve completed Level 2 of a path, you can then officially enroll in the program through Base Camp or by completing and submitting the multi-purpose “Level Completion Verification” form and checking the box “Enroll in the Pathways Mentor Program.”

When you have completed all the program requirements, complete and submit the “Pathways Mentor Program Completion Form.” You will receive the official Pathways Mentor designation and a certificate of completion once you have also completed a full path in Pathways.