Call for District Leader Nomination is OPEN

Application Deadline: January 15, 2024 Extended to Wednesday February 14, 2024

District leader elections are held during the Annual Business Meeting of the District Council at the District 13 Spring Conference on May 5th. Nominations for Elected District Leader positions are now open and will close on Saturday, February 14, 2024. The 2024-2025 Toastmasters Year starts on July 1, 2024.

The District Leadership Committee (DLC), under the guidance of Immediate Past District Director, Stephanie Scott, DTM, is tasked with finding the best-qualified candidates possible to serve as District leaders for the following elected positions:

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Finance Director
  • Division Directors

The District Leadership Committee is also accepting applications for the following appointed positions:

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Area Directors

Please email the District Leader Nominating form to send your nomination (for yourself or someone you would like to nominate) for a position on the 2024-2025 District leadership team to District Leadership Committee Chair Stephanie Scott, DTM, IPDD at IPDD@d13tm.com. The deadline for elected positions is no later than Wednesday, February 14, 2024. You can nominate any active Toastmaster in good standing from a club in good standing within our district (including yourself).

Once you have accepted the nomination for a District Officer role submitted for or by you, please fill out the Candidate ApplicationDistrict Leader Biographical Information, and the District Leader Agreement and Release Form and email these three forms in addition to a photo to post to the website to Stephanie Scott, DTM, IPDD at IPDD@d13tm.com no later than Saturday, February 14, 2024. You can also reach out if you have any questions.

Why Serve?

As you contemplate what is next for you in your leadership journey, think of how continuing to strengthen your leadership skills in a positive and supportive environment allows you to develop into the leader you want to see in the world. That is what Toastmasters offers us! As you serve as a member of the District 13 2024-2025 Executive Committee, you get the chance to lead by example and demonstrate what good leadership looks like.  We encourage and look forward to seeing you grow as you also help shape the future of our District. As you continue to become a better leader and communicator through your leadership service, you are the embodiment of the District Mission. Please—join us in 2024-2025 and apply now!

Take a look at the District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities to learn what opportunities await you. Curious to see what skills you can develop taking on any District leader role? A quick review of the District Leader Competencies will give you an idea.

Submit by using the District Leader Nomination Form.

Candidate Interviews

After your desire to run for a District Office has been confirmed, someone from the DLC will be in touch to schedule your interview. The DLC will wait until the close of the call for nominations on February 3rd to begin scheduling interviews.

If you do not hear from someone a week before the deadline, please contact Stephanie Scott, DTM, IPDD at IPDD@d13tm.com to make sure your nominations form was received.

The DLC will schedule and conduct interviews to bet assess all candidates for the following elected District Leader positions:

The DLC will ensure there is a minimum of one (1) candidate each for the offices of District Director and Program Quality Director; two (2) or more candidates for the office of Club Growth Director; and a minimum of one (1) candidate for the elective District offices of Division Director(s) and Finance Manager.

Additional Information

Nominations for the 2024-2025 District Leaders close on Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

Elections for elected District Leader positions will be held at the District Council meeting the Spring Conference, May 5, 2024.

Six (6) weeks prior to the election date, the DLC notifies the District Director of nominated candidates; the notification date is March 24, 2024.

Four (4) weeks prior to the election date, the DLC report and biographical forms are emailed to all members of the District Council and posted on the district website. The report date is April 6, 2024.

Appointed District Leader positions are appointed by the 2024-2025 District Director.